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$45 Fabulous Spirit Infusions & Candle

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Treat someone you care about with two of the most popular gifts at Joy Street - an amazing spirit infusion & candle in a handblown glass. Choose your spirit of choice & we'll provide one of the best-selling infusions. 

Vena's Fizz House (Maine) spirit infusionsInfuse your spirits without chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups. Create delicious recipes using freeze dried fruits, herbs, and bitter infused sugar cubes to flavor your alcohol. All you have to do is add the alcohol (Vodka, Bourbon, Tequila, Rum, Gin options)

Vodka - Cucumber Cooler (cuke/mint), Blushing Grapefruit (grapefruit/cranberry), Raspberry Cordial (raspberry/orange), Cafe Lua (coffee, espresso & spices)

Tequila - Maine Margarita (tart blueberry/sweet apple), Sweet Heat (strawberry/jalapeno), Raspberry Cordial (raspberry/orange)

Bourbon - Campfire (smoky vanilla/orange), Blackberry Stinger (blackberry/honey)

Rum - Apple Crate (apple/spices), Shipwreck (tropical fruit/spices)
Gin - Cucumber Cooler (cuke/mint), Sea Rose (rose/sweet apple), Blushing Grapefruit (grapefruit/cranberry)

New Paddywax La Playa candle in a hand-blown bubble glass and will vary in size, shape, and the amount of bubbles - making each glass uniquely yours!