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Baby Surprise Box

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Each Surprise Box will contain AT LEAST TWICE the value of its price…meaning that a $25 box will have a value in excess of $50 and a $50 box will have a value in excess of $100.

Inside you will find a one-of-a-kind assortment of our extraordinary baby gifts. Each will be thoughtfully curated to make sense together as a gift.

By allowing us to create your custom box we are able to give you maximum value…we have some items that are tricky to list on our site either because we don’t have a great image, we only have a few left or we had just received a shipment before closing and want to continue to turn our inventory so we can keep providing you with new choices.

We hope you will find idea as exciting as we do…who doesn’t love a GOOD SURPRISE?!?

Please note, image here is strictly a representation of the types of items you will find in your box…the contents of your box will be unique to you!

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